Make Some Room – Transforming Creativity Through Access


Sunday 19 June 15:00 - 15:45 Lumiere Theatre

Creative excellence comes from reflecting the world around us. Though the themes and mediums through which we create are varied and evolving, one thing remains constant: narratives that stay with us reflect some universal truths that we can connect to. But not everyone sees themselves equally reflected in art and culture. 

This is because our industry suffers a crisis of inclusion and access. Without access for all creatives, our voice as an industry becomes singular and lacks the diversity needed to reflect our world population. Simply hiring more women or people of colour won’t solve that problem – we need to ensure that under-represented groups have a voice in our industry, we need to let them in. 

Join us as we share the journeys of creative visionaries and catalysts whose unique points of view made great work. We’ll hear how they broke through barriers in a series of short, personal talks. Then we’ll challenge you to do the same for someone else. 

The status quo is no longer tenable. Let’s change that, together.