In 2015 we posed the question, ‘Where are all the lionesses?’

It’s a question we should all ask.

That’s why in 2015 we set up

A website to hero those rare beings with the aim to inspire other female creatives and future talent.

We are doing it all again for 2016 but we have plans to ROAR even louder.

This year, thanks to our bosses, we are in Cannes. With a camera in one hand and sun cream / rosé in the other, we are going to bring you more Lionesses.

Plus this year we have another mission. It’s a biggy.

To find the original Peggy Olson. The original Lionesses. From 1954 until now.


So we need your help to find them.

If you are a Lioness submit your award to the Lioness List.